Covid-19 Relief Donations

As Travel enthusiasts we have always relied on our amazing hosts to deliver amazing experiences and memorabilia.


However, the current COVID scenario has been tough on them.

Many of such enablers of travel are struggling to meet daily expenses of food and water due to there no travel business happening because of the pandemic. In these tough times, many of these people reached out to us asking for help. We were able to raise some funds to help such families, however, we quickly realised that this will not be enough. 

Hence we are urging you, the travel-kind to step up to the task. We are collecting donations from travel enthusiasts so that these people that helped us build beautiful memories are not left to tend to their own in such difficult times.



Sai Kumar D


Prithvi Reddy


Satish M


Pranav Madhavan


Venu Sagar


List of Donations Received

Ravi & family

Ravi runs a guest house in Hampi set amongst pristine paddy fields.

The Great Outdoors has donated ₹9000 towards their relief from the donations received.

List of Families Helped