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The Frozen Zanskar - Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is a winter trek walking over the blanket of frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh. The 9-day Zanskar frozen river trek goes through extreme weather conditions with snow all around.
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The Frozen Zanskar - Chadar Trek

Time & Location

09 Jan, 7:00 am IST – 17 Jan, 6:00 pm IST
Leh, Leh


Short Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Leh (3500 m) - Altitude 11,400 ft. Stay in Guest House

Day 2: Acclimatization Walk in Leh- Altitude 11,400 ft. Stay in Guest House

Day 3: Getting a medical check-up at SNM Hospital- Altitude 11,400 ft. Stay in Guest House

Day 4: Lower Shingra and Somo Paldar - 11,400 to 10,390 ft. - Drive 75 kms  | 08 Kms Trek | Stay in tent

Day 5: Trek to Dib Cave/Tibb -10,550 - 10,760 ft. - Trek 15 KMs - Stay in tent

Day 6: Dib Cave/Tibb to Camp at Naerak frozen Waterfall - 10,760 - 11,150 ft. - Trek 12.5 KMs - Stay in tent

Day 7: Naerak to Tibb/Gaylpo- 11,150 - 10,760 ft. - Trek 14.5 KMs - Stay in tent

Day 8: Tibb to Shingra Koma & Back To Leh- 10,390 to 11,400 ft. - Drive 75 kms  | 08.5 Kms Trek | Stay in Guest House

Day 9: Departure from Leh

Chadar Trek is a winter trek walking over the blanket of frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh. The 9-day Zanskar frozen river trek goes through extreme weather conditions with snow all around.

Day 1: Arrive in Leh (11,400 ft ) The flight to Ladakh is absolutely scenic.  You get a birds-eye view of the entire city and the layers of snow-clad mountains will help you understand why it is impossible to reach Ladakh by road in winters. You will feel a drop in the temperature the minute you land at Leh airport, which is also one of the highest airports in the world. Collect your bags and check in to your assigned hotels. Today’s day is extremely important for acclimatization, so try to stay outdoors as much as possible but try not to exert yourself.  Drink plenty of fluids during the day to help you with acclimatization. Day 2: Acclimatization Walk in Leh The day is reserved for acclimatization. You can take a stroll around to make your body familiar to the freezing temperatures there. Visit the markets nearby or go for local sightseeing. Day 3: Getting a medical check-up at SNM Hospital Today is the big day. This day decides whether you continue further or not. Wake up early and to reach the Medical Camp as early as possible. Even though tests take less time, due to tourists rush it gets delayed. In the late afternoon, we shall finish insurance formalities, if any. In case the tests declare you are not fit to go for Chadar trek, you will not be allowed. Day 4: Lower Shingra and Somo Paldar (11,400 to 10,390 ft. - Drive 75 km, 08 Kms Trek ) On this day, you'll be headed to the first campsite which is Tsomo Paldar via Chilling & Shingra Koma. Shingra Koma is the most unique place of Chadar for it is placed at U bend of Zanskar. Forming a wonderful place with lots of views. 3-4 hours drive along the Zanskar will get you to Shingra Koma. The car will drop you right where the road ends, this will be your starting point of walking on the Zanskar. The layer of Chadar may seem thin here, you can also see various rock formations. Walking with gumboots on will definitely be a challenge in the initial stage. Understanding the ice patterns will take time, slowly but steadily you will know which surface is fragile and which is trustworthy. There are multiple number of ice surfaces that you would come across while walking on the mighty Zanskar and as you start walking you will know more about it. Planting your foot will be important in most of the cases, you can check for the ice for its steadiness with your walking stick before stepping on it wholeheartedly. A small and light backpack will help as you will able to manage your body weight in an effective manner. After an hour and half of slipping, falling and trying to gather your balance you'll be reaching your first campsite at Tsomo Paldar. This will be your first experience of camping under sub-zero temperatures. Day 5: Trek to Dib Cave/Tibb (10,550 - 10,760 ft. - Trek 15 KM) As you start heading to the next campsite which is Tibb Cave, this trek route has some of the most eye-catching frozen waterfalls that you'll see. Waterfalls that stand frozen in time. The source of some of these frozen waterfalls is still unknown and there are a lot of myths amongst the villagers. The mighty Zanskar will be flowing all along with you on the trail and the emerald green water will have a smooth soothing You will be served lunch midway to Tibb cave. After walking for a couple of hours you'll come across different rock patterns along the way which look art looks when the sun rays fall on them making their way from behind the clouds. You will be camping near the Tibb cave which is surrounded by dry sand. Day 6: Dib Cave/Tibb to Camp at Naerak frozen Waterfall  (10,760 - 11,150 ft. - Trek 12.5 KM) As you move on to the most awaited campsite of the trek which is Nerak, the 12.5km long trail will take you to the most iconic landmark of the Chadar trek. i.e. The frozen waterfall. The frozen waterfall is a nature's masterpiece that attracts trekkers around the world. Hot lunch will be served on your way to Nerak. By far, Nerak will be the coldest of all the campsites on the trek where the temperature goes down to as low as -30 degrees during the night. It will be important that you wear proper clothing in layers to stay safe from the biting cold. If you manage to reach the waterfall on time, there are chances of paying a visit to the Nerak Village as well. You will be camping at a distance of 15-20 minutes from the waterfall. Day 7: Naerak to Tibb/Gyalpo ( 11,150 - 10,760 ft. - Trek 14.5 KM) You might have heard stories of how unpredictable the weather patterns can get here on the Chadar trek. There are instances where the formation of Chadar no longer exists on your way back from Nerak. In the same way, you will witness a new layer of Chadar formed at some. Even though it's the same route, you'll be amazed to see how different it appears while coming back. Chadar Trek is an experience of a lifetime that every trekking enthusiast should witness. And then, what if we told you that these eight days of your life are going to be some of the best days you've lived so far and that you'll cherish these moments till the very end. Today retrace your steps back to Tibb Cave. You get another last chance to cherish, relive and gather the memories. Wave goodbye to all the locals while you make your way back. Be careful and enjoy your last stay in tents. Day 8: Tibb to Shingra Koma & Back To Leh (10,390 to 11,400 ft. - Drive 75 km, 08.5 Kms Trek ) Again wake up early for a long walk back. It is not really retracing steps because you may observe a lot have changed. Chadar may have melted, a layer of Chadar may have gotten thin, wonderful rocks are visible now. Well, that's the beauty of nature and Chadar trek. Reach Shingra Koma and get ready to board on vehicles. Another bumpy ride and you will arrive in Leh. Day 9: Departure from Leh Take your respective flights back home with the memories of this beautiful experience

What to Carry? Mandatory Carry ID Proof (along with photocopy) and 4 passport size photos Trekking backpack of 60 Ltrs with raincover and a supporting frame. Sunglasses Warm clothes - at least 5 layers - including thermals, woollen gloves, caps and socks, scarves, thick jackets, etc. Thermo Plastic water bottle of at 3 litres, water-purifying pills and hot water bag Ready to eat food like cookies and cake. Gumboots and Hiking shoes Necessary toiletries - including toilet paper and quick dry towels. Extra plastic bags Medical kit flashlight with extra batteries Identity proof Raincoat or windcheater Relevant trekking and camping gear like trekking shoes, trekking backpack, trekking poles, sleeping bag, etc. A medical certificate, certifying fitness!Optional Carry Floaters/Flip Flops A walking stick Waterproof gloves Quick Energy Snacks - Chocolate Bars, Sugar Candies

  1. Guest House Accommodation on Day 1, 2, 3, 8
  2. Camping on Day 4, 5, 6, 7
  3. Meals while on trek (Veg.) – Hot Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner starting from Day 4 Lunch to Day 8 Breakfast.
  4. Trek equipments including -30 degree comfortable double layer sleeping bags, sleeping mats, air breathable 4 season camping tents, mobile kitchen and utensils for food
  5. First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.
  6. Qualified & experienced trek Leader, Guide and Support staff to help trekkers.
  7. Fixed return transfers  from Leh Guest House to Trek Base Camp is included in the package as per the itinerary on Day 4 and Day 8
  8. Porters to carry the common luggage including tents, sleeping bags, kitchen tents, camping ration and food, fuel/kerosene, oxygen cylinders, toilet tents.
  1. Meals during hotel stay in Leh
  2. Any expenses incurred on medical examination in Leh
  3. Gumboots will not be provided by us. Please carry your own Gum Boots or buy the same in Leh.
  4. Any kind of personal expenses
  5. Any kind of Outdoor Insurance
  6. Portage of personal luggage
  7. Anything not specifically mentioned under inclusions
  8. Altoa & Environmental / Wildlife Permit Fee


  • 1 hour

    Arrival in Leh

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