Gokarna Beach Trek

Trekking through Paradise Beach - Small Hel Beach - Half Moon Beach - and stay on Om Beach followed by a visit to Murudeshwar, and Vibhuti Falls!

Short Itinerary


Depart from Hyderabad/Bengaluru by bus/train to Hubli.


  • 0700 hrs - Reach Hubli in the morning

  • 0800 hrs Board hired mini-bus towards Gokarna

  • Breakfast en route

  • 1200 hrs - Reach Gokarna around noon - Lunch en route

  • 1330 hrs - Start trek from Paradise Beach

  • 1630 hrs - Reach Om Beach and check into accommodation

  • 1640 hrs - Swim in the sea 

  • 2100 hrs - Dinner & Party


  • 0700 hrs - Wakeup call

  • 0900 hrs - Start from Om Beach and board the Bus

  • 1100 hrs - Reach Murudeshwar - Breakfast en route

  • 1230 hrs - Start from Murudeshwar to Yana Caves - Lunch en route

  • 1500 hrs - Reach Yana Caves & Vibhooti Falls

  • 1700 hrs - Start to Hubli

  • 2030 hrs - Reach Hubli and board bus/train


  • 0700 hrs - Reach Hyderabad/Bengaluru


Depending on the availability, we choose either a semi-sleeper/sleeper AC/Non-AC bus from Hyderabad to Hubli or take the Train #17603 from Hyderabad to Hubli, with departure timings from Hyderabad generally around 2100 hrs.


We reach Hubli around 0800 hrs on Saturday and get into the waiting minibus to be on our merry way to Gokarna. We stop at one of the many scenic restaurants en route to Gokarna for breakfast.

Gokarna is reached around noon. The minibus will drop us off at Belekan Beach in Gokarna where we have lunch and start the trek at around 1330 hrs.

Today's trek will take us through the scenic beach trail atop the Gokarna cliffside with the jungle on the right and the sea on the left.

The trek starts from Paradise Beach, and ends at Om Beach which derives its name from being in the shape of an OM. A beach side trail leads all the way to Om Beach.

There is one hillock to crest before we leave Paradise Beach on the trek towards Om via Half Moon, passing through two more small beaches called Friend's beach and Small Hell beach separated by the Hell's Cliff. Despite the ominous sounding name, this is not a hard climb and can be easily done with assistance if you are a first timer, or solo if you are experienced.

The trail eventually opens up into Half Moon Beach through which the trail passes with views of rustic yoga retreats and almost empty beaches with only fellow trekkers to give company. You might find people of different nationalities staying the one of the multitude of rustic cottages at Half-Moon beach going through their process of finding nirvana in India.

 Further along this trail will take us through a rock beach where we take our last break of the trek.

The evening is well spent with swimming the waves, and chilling out in the shacks.

For those who want to wind down even more, Om beach offers a multitude of choices with beverages and cuisines being served till late into the night.


The wakeup call is at 7am and we check out by 8am. It is just a short walk on Om Beach to where the minibus is waiting. The team boards the minibus and we set off to Murudeshwar. Breakfast is en route.

After visiting Murudeshwar and the 18 storey Rajagopuram, we set off towards Yana Caves & Vibhooti Falls along the way to Hubli.

Vibhooti Falls: Vibhooti falls is a 1km trek away from the road, and is almost a secret waterfall flowing with sweet water and a beautiful small pool at the base of the waterfall for swimming and diving. We spend an hour of time here.

Look for leeches.

Yana Cave Formations: Yana cave formations are limestone formations that tower the forest landscape and home to a Hindu temple. There exists a paved walking path to the cave formations. Yana is known for its beautiful vistas of stone formations if one does indeed set their lens on it.

Maintain basic decorum worthy of a place of worship.

Murudeshwar: A Shaivite shrine home to one of the largest Shiva statues and one of the grandest temple gopurams in the world. This is a shrine worth visiting for devout Hindus, and for interested travellers to marvel in the architectural capabilities of yore.

Maintain basic decorum worthy of a place of worship.

After wrapping up the visit to any of the above places, the bus is boarded onwards to Hubli again and the team is dropped off at Hubli at around 1530 hrs. Lunch can be caught en route or in Hubli depending on time requirements.

A well spent weekend is wrapped up by boarding the train/bus back to home.


We generally plan our events such that office on Monday is not missed and that we are home before 7am in the morning.

Detailed Itinerary


₹ 4150

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  • Private Vehicle from Hubli to Gokarna and Back NON AC

  • Public Transport till Hubli NON AC SLEEPER

  • Taxes and other Govt. Charges

  • Accommodation in NON-AC Rooms

  • Tour planning, expertise, and organiser charges


  • Any extra charges borne in case of plan deviations (as decided by event lead)

  • Anything not included in "Inclusions"

  • Personal Food costs

  • Any costs accrued due to emergency situations

  • Any payment gateway charges 

What to Carry?

Mandatory Carry

  1. Comfortable Clothes (expect to wear one pair per day, and pack two pairs of clean night clothes that you can wear multiple nights)

  2. Shoes with ample grip

  3. Water Bottle - 2 litre

  4. 20 - 30 litre backpack

  5. Polythene / Ziplock waterproof covers to protect electronics

  6. Waste Bag (you can bring anything that you can use to carry your waste)

  7. Odomos (for insects and mosquitos)

  8. Sunglasses

  9. Rainwear (always expect to get wet)

Optional Carry

  1. Trekking Poles

  2. Rain Cover for Backpack

  3. Snackbars and Energy Bars

  4. Toiletries

  5. Cutleries


Short Treks





Best Time

Sep - Mar


Weekend Plan

Max. Altitude

25 m / 80 ft

Min. Age




Price Starts from

₹ 4150