Kumara Parvatha is situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. At the foothills lies an ancient and famous temple called Kukke Subrahmanya.Right behind the Kukke Subrahmanya temple, standing tall is Shesha Parvatha, with its thick blanket of lush green forest of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Kumara Parvatha or Pushpagiri is the name of the peak which is hidden most of the time and is visible only after crossing Shesha Parvatha, but the entire trail is popularly known as the Kumara Parvatha trek. Kumara Parvatha is the second highest peak in Kodagu district, only after Tadiandamol and the fourth highest peak in Karnataka. As the dawn breaks, the first glimpse of Shesha Parvatha will give you an idea of the adventure you are going to have and it sets your hearts racing! Climbing up to slightly more than 1,700 metres (approx. 5,600 feet), Kumara Parvatha is the most challenging trek in Karnataka. And it lives up to its name.

Day 0

Depart hometowns to Bangalore
Day 1

The journey starts in the early hours where we board the waiting bus towards Kukke.

By the time we reach Kukke, it is time for breakfast. After breakfast is completed, we stock up on snacks & water, and start our much awaited Trek to Kumara Parvatha. 

Once you begin the trek it’s about 2.5 - 3 hours before you reach the first major checkpoint, the ascent is through a tropical rainforest that is a part of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. 

While you’ll be trekking through dense forest, the thick foliage and canopy offers you much needed shade. If you stand still and listen to the forest you’ll hear the forest come alive with various sounds of nature. 

About an hour and a half of trek and you’ll come across a boulder called Bheema’s rock that serves a 2.5 km milestone on our 7km journey to Bhattaramane. 

Bhattaramane, or Bhatt's Hut is our Base Camp-1.  Have Lunch at the Base Camp -1 and that day is free for us. Enjoy the beautiful, green lush surroundings and spend the night in the camp.

Day 2

Early next morning, we clear formalities with the forest department, pack breakfast and make our way to the next checkpoint that is Kallumantapa, enroute the false peak Sheshaparvatha. 

Here you can rest and drink delicious stream water that flows just below it. Once you resume the trek, Sheshaparvatha is just 45mins to 1 hour away. According to local folklore Sheshaparavatha is said to protect the Subramanya temple at the base of the mountain.
This part of the journey is simply mesmerizing and we could go into the details of the beauty but seeing it fo yourself is sublime and surreal!

Once you reach Shesha Parvatha you’ll witness the majestic Kumara Parvatha in all it’s glory. With the trail descending for a couple of hundred meters, you’ll soon be at the mercy of the mountain and will have to cross a stream and climb a waterfall to reach your goal! THE KUMARA PARVATHA PEAK!
Spend time and enjoy the view and have the packed lunch amidst the green lush surrounding. 

After relaxing for some time, start descending from the other side of the Peak.

Board our vehicle. Drive back to Bangalore. Dinner enroute.

Board bus/train back to hometown

Day 3

Reach Hometown

Detailed Itinerary


₹ 3000

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  1. Transport

  2. Tents

  3. Forest Entry Charges

  4. All  Permits, Taxes etc. applicable

  5. Tour Planning

  6. Expertise and organiser charges.


  1. Food

  2. Personal Expense

  3. Any extra costs borne in case of plan deviations( as decided by event lead)

  4. Anything not included in “Inclusions”

  5. Any payment gateway charges if decided to use one( contact us to bypass the payment gateway charges)


Short Treks





Best Time

Nov - Feb


Weekend Plan

Max. Altitude

1,750 m / 5,740 ft

Min. Age




Price Starts from

₹ 3000

Kumara Parvatha Trek - Kukke - Somwarpet

The most challenging trek of Karnataka, the Kumara Parvatha Trek starts from Kukke Subramanya and ends in Somwarpet.

The Schedule

Day 0

Depart from Hometown

Day 1
0100hrs - Start from Bangalore by bus
0600 hrs - Reach Kukke
0700 hrs - Start Trekking
1100 hrs Reach Base Camp

Day 2
0600 hrs - Start Trek to Pushpagiri Peak
1230 hrs - Reach Peak

1300 hrs - Descend to Somwarpet

1400 hrs - Get into bus from Pushpagiri Temple
1800 hrs - Reach Bangalore

2000 hrs - Take respective buses/trains to hometowns

Day 3

Reach Hometown

What to Carry?



  1. A warm layer (Pull over, sweater or a jacket)

  2. Sunscreen lotion

  3. Trekking poles

  4. Sunglasses

  5. Suncaps

  6. Binoculars

  1. A warm layer (Pull over, sweater or a jacket)

  2. Sunscreen lotion

  3. Trekking poles

  4. Sunglasses

  5. Suncaps

  6. Binoculars