Day 0

Travel from your city of departure to reach Mangalore by bus/train

DAY 1:

Reach Mangalore, enjoy delicious  Mangalorean Breakfast.


Then we hire a scooter  and do some local sightseeing. Enjoy Scrumptious seafood/ Mangalorean Cuisine  and we ride for an hour to reach our camping site.

Evening is completely for the Sunset Kayaking activity.

Witness the beautiful backwaters of the Shambhavi River, while you kayak around Nadikudru island. The kayak rides are complemented by the pristine scenery with beautiful mangrove forests, colorful wildlife, and coconut plantations on either side of the river.

After we are done with kayaking to our heart's content, we retire to our own secluded beach to camp for the night.

One of the best things to do while on a holiday is to camp under the stars. Camp on the beachside and listen to the waves while sitting around a bonfire. In our beach camping, you will pitch a tent at a beautiful remote beach away from the city, noise, and light pollution. You will see clear stars and sit around a bonfire that you make and share stories among friends or fellow travelers.

DAY 2:

Freshen up and start your day by cycling . We take you around the rural areas along the backwaters  where a fresh, cool  breeze charges you up for the entire day. Get away from the city noise and pollution and ride a cycle in the calm surroundings.

After Cycling, head for lunch and enjoy the coastal cuisine.

Post lunch, board bus back to your hometown.

End of Trip

Detailed Itinerary



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  • Bus from City of Departure

  • Kayaking in Backwaters (Equipment)

  • Cycle 

  • Camping on Beach

  • Tents for Camping

  • Shared two wheeler on rent in Mangalore


  • Food 

  • Personal Expenses

  • Any Deviations in the Plan due to unforeseen circumstances

  • Photographs for Kayaking (available at extra cost to photographer)







Best Time

Sep - Feb


Weekend Plan

Max. Altitude

1 m / 3 ft

Min. Age




Price Starts from


Mangalore - Kayaking and Beach Camping

Enjoy kayaking in the backwaters of Nadikudru Island, followed by a night spent camping at the beach.

The Schedule

DAY 0:  

Travel from city of departure to Mangalore by Bus/Train

DAY 1:

Reach Manglore

Enjoy Delicious Mangalorean Breakfast.

Local Sightseeing

Mangalorean Lunch/Sea Food

Post Lunch, Drive for an Hour away for Sunset Kayaking tour

Bonfire and camping by the beach

Day 2:

Sunrise Swim in the Sea

Go for Cycling along the rural areas/ backwaters


Board bus back to hometown

What to Carry?



  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)

  3. Torch (flashlight)

  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)

  3. Torch (flashlight)