Day 1:

1500 hrs is the time that the group meets at Nagole Metro Station, from where the journey starts. It takes hardly an hour to reach the camp site.

After reaching the campsite, we prepare the campsite and set up camp, by which time, we get some great sunset views.

Nestled between hills on one side and two sleepy hamlets on the other side, the campsite is truly blissful. We are setup for a night of fun that includes star gazing, camp activities like antyakshari, games, etc. 

Some cooked-on-coals barbecue, prepared by our organisers, should please your palette until home-cooked food arrives from the nearby village.

The night is spent gazing at the stars, with a basic beginner's astronomy session, or as the group decides, any other fun activity.

Day 2:

With an early wake-up, we get just enough time to hike up the nearby hillock to view the sunrise and soak in the morning beauties,

Coming back to campsite from a refreshing hike, we pack up camp, and head towards the nearby waterfalls, for a well deserved swim.

The pleasant water barrelling down on your head instantly recharges your mood, and relieves you of your weekly stresses.

A nice few hours later, it is time to head back to the city. We start back at noon, pick up lunch en route, and bid adieu to each other.

Detailed Itinerary


₹ 950

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Currently Suspended


  1. Basic Home-cooked Dinner (non-veg / veg options)

  2. Tents

  3. Campsite Charges

  4. Accompanying Organiser

  5. Barbecue


  1. Transportation (attendees are supposed to travel by personal or pooled vehicles)

  2. Anything not mentioned in inclusions







Best Time

Oct - Feb


Weekend Plan

Max. Altitude

551 m / 1807 ft

Min. Age

All are welcome



Price Starts from

₹ 950

Night Camping + Waterfall Swimming @ Rachakonda

Enjoy a quiet night in the Hills of Rachakonda, just an hour's drive from the city

The Schedule

Day 1:

1500 hrs - Meet at Nagole Metro Station

1530 hrs - Start journey towards Rachakonda

1700 hrs - Reach Camping Spot

1800 hrs - Set up Camp

1830 hrs - Sunset

1900 hrs - Campfire and Barbecue session along with camp activities

2030 hrs - Dinner

2200 hrs - Basic Stargazing

0000 hrs - Sleeptime

Day 2:

0530 hrs - Wake Up

0600 hrs - Morning Hike to Sunrise Point

0630 hrs - Sunrise

0730 hrs - Pack up Camp

0830 hrs - Reach Waterfalls for a swim

1100 hrs - Start back from Waterfalls

1115 hrs - Group Disburse

What to Carry?



  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)

  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)

No Dates Available