The camping spot is located approximately 140 km from Shamshabad, Hyderabad.

It is about a 3 hour drive from the city down to the camping spot.

1430 hrs - Start from Shamshabad

1730 hrs - Reach Camping Spot

The evening would be spent pitching up the tents, and exploring the local area. Once night falls, campfire is setup with the group engaging in camp activities like songs and games, and most interstingly, stories.

We will have some friendly games of volleyball, etc.

Dinner is served with local delicacies like Fish Fry, Chapala Pulusu, Chicken Curry, Dal, Curd, Rice, and Veg. Curry.

Post dinner, the sky gazes back at us with a million stars, unburdened by the smog of the city and it is like you are looking at them for the first time.

Sunrise is the most beautiful moment of the trip, with the sun rising out of the water and the landscape bathed in the golden rays of the rising sun.

We start back at 0900 hrs  after a local breakfast and reach the city by 1200 hrs.

Detailed Itinerary


₹ 1499

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  1. Tents

  2. Basic Home-cooked Dinner (non-veg / veg options) [Fish fry, Chapala pulusu, Chicken curry, Dal, Curd, Rice, Veg curry, Breakfast & Tea, Campfire Grill]

  3. Campsite Charges

  4. Accompanying Organiser


  1. Transportation (attendees are supposed to travel by personal or pooled vehicles)

  2. Anything not mentioned in inclusions







Best Time

Oct - Mar


Weekend Plan

Max. Altitude

170 m / 560 ft

Min. Age




Price Starts from

₹ 1499

Night Camping on Backwaters of Nagarjuna Sagar

Camping on the banks of the Nagarjuna Sagar with mesmerising vistas all around!

The Schedule

Day 1:

Departure from Hyderabad City

Night Camping

Camp Activities

Day 2:

Return to Hyderabad City

What to Carry?



  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)

  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)