Paramotoring at Hyderabad

Experience Air Safaris at Kondapochamma Sagar

Short Itinerary

Sunrise Session

  • 0630 Arrive at location

  • 0635 Start flying

  • 0730 Wrap Up depending on flight time

Sunset Session

  • 1600 Arrive at location

  • 1615 Start flying

  • 1730Wrap Up depending on flight time

There are multiple flight times you can book.​

₹4000 - 10 minutes flying
₹6000 - 15 minutes flying
₹8000 - 25 minutes flying

Flights start early morning at sunrise. The pilot is commercially licensed trainer and very experienced. We fly to a height of 500ft taking in the views of the nearby reservoir, beautiful villages, and nearby temples.


Flights are based on weather and wind conditions. We try to limit slots depending on these conditions,  but sometimes forecasts are wrong and in those cases, a few flights can be cancelled. In these cases, a refund for the flight price or a reschedule will be offered.

Care is to be taken to arrive at location at given time. In case of delays, if weather changes in this time of delay, refunds or reschedules cannot be offered.​

Detailed Itinerary


₹ 4000

This is the cheapest price available. Click the button below to other price packages if available!


  • Booked Flight Time

  • Insurance


  1. Anything not mentioned in inclusions

  2. Any personal costs

  3. Any expenses due to unforeseen circumstances

What to Carry?

Mandatory Carry

  1. Comfortable Clothes

  2. Shoes with soft sole for grip on rocks

  3. Sunglasses while flying

  4. Waste Bag (you can bring anything that you can use to carry your waste)

Optional Carry

  1. Snacks / Snackbars

  2. Chocolate (for instant energy)

  3. Hairband (for those with long hair)


Adventure Sports





Best Time

Jan - Dec


Day Plan

Max. Altitude

150 m / 500 ft

Min. Age




Price Starts from

₹ 4000