The Great Outdoors

Over a decade of Experience

in introducing experiential travel

to people from all walks of life


Decade of Experience

The Great Outdoors Team has over a decade of experience travelling and organising tours across the globe, with the greatest team anyone can have.


Unforgettable Experiences

Our goal is for you to experience travel like never before, in a profound and soul-touching way. Your happy travels are our joyful hearts.


Rave Reviews

Over a decade in the industry has earned us some rave reviews from our customers. Frankly, this is why we are here. To win hearts.

Why choose us?

How It All Started

About a decade ago, the founders were looking forward for a break in routine and wanted to do the trek to Siachen. Then they found out that there were no slots available for the trek, and went ahead and set up a travel club of their own. Over time, this small hobby club evolved into what The Great Outdoors is today. 

Over 1000 events combined experience, a decade in the field, undying passion for travel, countless members served, The Great Outdoors still is at its most deepest of recesses, an entity that wants to make people travel the world at affordable prices, all the while never compromising on the quality of the experience.

The Great Outdoors is a Travel Organiser that organises Adventure Tours and also acts as a Travel Planner planning tours for you, and your family & friends, on a private basis, and also via scheduled events.

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Over a decade of experience has led us on many travels all over the nation and the world.



The number of active members travelling with us on a regular and repeating basis.



Over 10 experts of the field who are highly passionate about travelling and introducing others to travel.



5 years of existence in the field and a combined experience of much more.